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Do you already have a preferred signage company? No problem, we will work with them and offer our experience combining hotel signs and electronics. We have had many successful collaborations with other signage companies in the past.

The doorbell module is part of the Guest Room Switch, there is no need for a separate doorbell in the guest room. If an additional or alternative doorbell is required, Axxess can supply additional doorbell modules that can be wirelessly actuated from... View Article

The PrivacyService system is a low voltage system that can be powered from any power supply between 12 and 24 V AC or DC. For North American installations Axxess typically supplies a micro-transformer that installs in the electrical box behind... View Article

Axxess does manufacture weather resistant Electronic Do-Not-Disturb signage and doorbell system. If your signs are outdoors and facing the elements PrivacyService will still work for  you!

To physically  restart a TouchSwitch simply disconnect and reconnect from power. To remove a TouchSwitch from the network you can either use a tap sequence on the TouchSwitch itself (9 top – 9 bottom – 9 top, or 13 top... View Article