DCM5: LED Color & Color Temperature Dimming Controller

Seamless dimming capabilities for a variety of colors and color temperatures for LED lighting.


Warm Toned



Cool Toned


Control the Power of the Rainbow

The Axxess Industries DCM5 is a compact 5 channel, low side, LED Controller that offers seamless dimming capabilities for a variety of colors and color temperatures for LED lighting.

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Give your guestrooms that WOW factor

The Axxess Industries DCM5 offers more than just color and temperature dimming capabilities. It offers hotels additional value in helping their guest experience stand out from their competitors.

Color and color temperature adjustments offer a range of atmospheres your guests can enjoy. From a relaxing cool-toned evening setting to a romantic sunset hue, the DCM5 gives your guests a more memorable experience.

Fun, Stylish and Impactful.

In a world of instagrammable moments and re-sharable photos, deliver features your guests will want to talk about.


Color isn’t limited to lighting

Fit your guestrooms with our Touch Keypads to offer your guests the most premium controls available.

Their modern and intuitive design gives guests a high-tech feel the minute they walk through the door – talk about a great first impression!

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Axxess Industries DCM5 device

How Does It Work?

The Axxess Industries DCM5 integrates with automation systems and has built-in logic to control RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT, and CCT1+CCT2 as needed.

It can dim color and CCT1 + CCT2, WW, and CW LED loads from 0 to 100% duty cycle, with a maximum output power of 200 watts per channel depending on the voltage.

This compact 5-channel, low side, LED controller is designed to be interfaced with power supplies ranging from 12-24VDC, delivering seamless flicker-free dimming capabilities.



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