Hotel Doorbells: LED & Chimes

Hotel doorbell solutions at every price point

Combine Hotel Doorbells with Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Indication

Announce yourself to guests in a friendly and consistent manner with our pleasant sounding hotel doorbell. Loud knocking is replaced by a welcome greeting.

With Axxess PrivacyService installed, the guest can disable the doorbell by selecting “Privacy” or “Do Not Disturb”. The red LED  ring surrounding the doorbell indicated Privacy setting.

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axxess signage and keypad control


axxess plug-in chime

Plug-In Chime

The Plug-In Chime is a versatile chime that can be triggered wirelessly via ZigBee mesh network.

It has a powerful ZigBee radio that can communicate with our interface partners, such as Control4.

This device plugs into an ordinary 120-240V 50Hz/60Hz outlet.

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Chime Relay

The Axxess Wireless Chime Relay is a solid state relay that allows wireless remote control of a powered chime with real chime bars providing the most luxurious sound available.

Use it with our Doorbell Button to wirelessly activate the door chime.


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