Lighting Controls: Low Voltage 12/24V

12/24V Line Voltage Lighting Control

Touch Keypads

Capacitive touch keypads with hundreds of possible custom button layouts.

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The Dimming Control Module is a comprehensive solution to dimming all kinds of 12 – 24V loads, from LED linear strip lights to MR16 LED lights and any other native low voltage lights.

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The DCM3 (Dimming Control Module 3) is an extra-small, compact controller for LED dimming. Set custom scenes at various White color temperatures, set lighting to change with the time of day, mimic daylight in windowless spaces, and more.

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The DCM4 (Dimming Control Module 4) is a compact 4 channel LED driver, and a comprehensive solution to dimming a variety of low voltage lighting loads, such as LED linear strip lights, MR16 LED lights, etc.

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Give your guestrooms WOW factor lighting with our DCM5. This device is an LED color and color temperature dimming controller, delivering the full power of the color spectrum.



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Dimming LED Driver & Power Supplies

The Axxess LED Driver is unique in that it integrates the power supply, dimming controller, and dimming control input via ZigBee Pro wireless, 0-10V input, or RS485 in one complete package.

Several load ratings are available.


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LED Bar with Motion Sensor

The LED Bar with Motion Sensor is a sleek, modern way to add motion-activated lighting to your user experience.

Popular applications include below-bed or bedside table for motion-activated night light, bathroom under-cabinet nightlight, closet light, and even kitchen counter work lights.



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LED Bar with Dimming Control

The LED Bar with integrated Dimming Control adds an extra level of function to your lighting options.



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Linear LED Lighting Luminaires

With dozens of LED strips and over 65+ custom profiles, Axxess LED Strip Lighting can create the perfect combination to fit your project needs.

Axxess LED Strips come in a wide variety of wattages, light color temperature and lumens per length, depending on the needs of your project.

Our LED profiles are designed with versatility in mind. We supply three mounting options (recessed, surface and suspended), with profiles designed for cabinetry, walls, floors or corners.


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