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Sleek and modern keypads that complement any Smart Home space


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The Axxess Industries Residential Touch Keypads add style and convenience to any Smart Home space.

Their compact design allows them to seamlessly blend into any room while giving the space a more hi-tech, elegant feel.

These keypads can be used to control scene settings in one room or multiple.

Popular applications include media rooms as well as open-concept kitchen and living room areas.


Axxess keypads are backlit for easy button selection.

During the night, the keypad can be programmed to have just a faint backlight glimmer, or even be completely off until you touch it.

Design scenes, such as Morning, Dinner, Movie Time and Night.

Lighting can easily be dimmed with our intuitive touch slider.

Retain control over individual lamps and overhead lighting or drapes and blinds, and command All Off with a single touch.

North American and European options are available.

Get in touch to see more examples of standard or customized keypad layouts.




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Customized keypad solutions are available by quote, contact us to learn more.

*For Residential Touch Keypads there is a minimum order amount + customization set up fee per keypad*

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