Lighting Controls – Low Voltage

Lighting Controls for Low Voltage Systems


The Dimming Control Module is a comprehensive solution to dimming all kinds of 12 – 24V loads, from LED linear strip lights to MR16 LED lights and any other native low voltage lights.

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The DCM3 (Dimming Control Module 3) is an extra-small, compact controller for LED dimming. Set custom scenes at various White color temperatures, set lighting to change with the time of day, mimic daylight in windowless spaces, and more.

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The DCM4 (Dimming Control Module 4) is a compact 4 channel LED driver, and a comprehensive solution to dimming a variety of low voltage lighting loads, such as LED linear strip lights, MR16 LED lights, etc.

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The Axxess Industries DCM5 is a compact 5 channel, low side, LED Controller that offers seamless dimming capabilities for a variety of colors and color temperatures for LED lighting.

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