Doorbell Button

A beautifully designed wireless doorbell button

doorbell button

The Axxess Doorbell Button Wireless is beautifully designed to welcome guests at your door. The press of a button wirelessly activates the Axxess Chime Relay, Axxess Plug-in Chime (or other configured device).

ZigBee Pro or Control4 compatible.

With a clean, minimalist design, the Wireless Doorbell Button is a solution that fits your modern decor.

Temperature Sensor
External Contact
Magnetic Contact

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Width:  1.1875″ (3.02cm)
Height:  2.75″ (6.99cm)
0.5″ (1.27cm)

White and Black

FCC Part 15

Zigbee PRO (802.15.4)
Control4 driver downloadable

Power & Battery
1.5 V alkaline or lithium battery
-55C to 85C range in temperature
Low battery notification
Over three year battery life

Temperature Sensor
Accurate to +/- 1°C
Operating range of -40°C to 70°C

External Contacts
Magnetic or wire leads optional

Mounting Options
Double sided adhesive or 2 screws


doorbell button



Installation is simple. With a long-lasting lithium battery, there is no wiring necessary and its surface mount design means you have the choice between using two screws or the peel and stick adhesive strips.

Installation Guide

Build Your Smart Home Better

Axxess devices are a crucial part of your modern smart home automation system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your security, create a more energy-efficient system, or build out a system that can control your entire house, we have solutions.

With the Internet of Things, communication is key, and our devices work with a wide array of platforms and controllers, including Control4, Telkonet, Crestron, Somfy, and all ZigBee Pro compatible platforms.



Control4® Composer Guide

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