PrivacyService: Do-Not-Disturb Systems

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems & Hotel Doorbells

What is Electronic Do-Not-Disturb?

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb (or Electronic DND) is a simple way for guests to communicate their wish for Privacy from the comfort of their room. From a touch keypad installed by the door or by the bed, a guest can request Privacy or Make-Up my Room. This simple luxury will get great reviews.

The guest selection is communicated to all comers by an LED indication in a stylish custom room number sign or doorbell. Typically, the LEDs light up a lit ring around the doorbell button.

This sleek, effective solution can be customized to your design criteria.

Integration with smart control solutions allows the guest to set DND status via TV, smartphone, or voice: “Alexa…..”


delano signage and white touch keypad two button


axxess multiple signage smart doorbells

Custom Room Number Signs and Doorbell Panels

Our patented solution combining our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system into custom Room Number Signs is an elegant expression of design, innovation, and technology. Whether you require us to create custom room number signs, a sleek doorbell button panel, or simply integrate our technology into your current sign design, we can provide the solution that best fits your needs.

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Hotel Doorbell

Announce yourself to guests in a friendly and consistent manner with our pleasant sounding hotel doorbell.

Loud knocking gets so old. Refine your guests’ experience to a welcome chime greeting.

If the room is set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ the doorbell will not ring.

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sandals doorbell button



axxess cloud dashboard clear text

Dashboard Software

Our Dashboard option makes it easy to manage all your guest service selections and technology devices from a powerful cloud-based platform.

When paired with PrivacyService, relevant hotel staff can see at a glance if your guest has set the room “Privacy” when they do not want to be disturbed, or “Service” when they want the room made up.

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