Dashboard Software: Guestroom Status Report

Dashboard Software offers valuable guestroom insight


With Control4 Smart Hotel systems, HotDash can be a powerful tool in hotel techonology management, energy management, customer service and security.

For example, HotDash makes it easy to drill down into your guestroom’s climate control system, both globally and on a room-to-room basis. See at a glance what rooms are outside of the normal temperature range, view the fluctuations in temperature over time, and adjust the heat/cool points remotely.

HotDash captures data from all of your ZigBee (or RS485) networked devices connected to Control4 controller and presents the information in bright, simple, easy-to-read graphs and charts. Track and analyze everything from average temperature fluctuations to energy savings, and use this information to make changes on the fly.

You can check on the device health, battery status, communication status and enable notifications and exception reports.
HotDash allows you to be in front of guest complaints by knowing and acting on issues first.

Of course HotDash also shows all the status information you have come to trust Axxess for, like electronic DND, MUR, GuestPresence, TrayTracking, Minibar Opened, and Room Ready (for inspection).

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