GuestPresence: Guestroom Occupied Status

Protect guest privacy, improve security & energy management

Why GuestPresence?

Why annoy your guests with “knock, knock, knock – Housekeeping!”,  “knock, knock, knock – Housekeeping!”, “knock, knock, knock – Housekeeping!” – “oops sorry”.
Repeat 5 times before checkout – really?

Why waste staff time and job satisfaction on that ritual?

Your guest is mad, your staff is in tears.

If only there was a way to know beforehand whether a guest is in the room – hmmm

There is !  Guest Presence Determination

Using a combination of a sensors and other data, GuestPresence is able to accurately determine if guests are in the room. Ask us why we are so passionate about GuestPresence and how it works.

GuestPresence Delivers:
–  Happy guests
–  Happy room attendants
–  Savings on staff time
–  Savings on energy
–  Security (you’ll know when a guest has not left the room for too long)

(Only approved hotel staff can obtain the guest presence information)

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AxxessDashboard Integration

Now you can view the Guest Presence status of any room in your entire hotel and know if a guest is in the room or not.
Housekeeping dispatch is more efficient.
Maintenance dispatch is more efficient and can schedule tasks when the guests are not around.

AxxessDashboard also provides data from our PrivacyService system, and all date can be accessed securely from a computer, phone or tablet via the cloud-based app.

Flexible Integration Options

The smart GuestPresence system has a number of integration options available depending on which thermostat or door lock systems the property is using. By integrating with certain EMS systems and lock systems GuestPresence can be determined without additional sensors.

Trusted partners include Telkonet, Control4, Saflok, Crestron, Lutron, Inncom and many more.

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  • Eliminates the senseless knocking on every door down a hallway when some guests are still sleeping.
  • Hotel occupancy sensor helps guest stay undisturbed.
  • Occupancy sensor prevents uncomfortable and embarrassing situations between staff and guests.
  • Set alerts for guest wellfare checks with networked systems.