Contact Sensors and Relays

Contact Sensors and Relays for any application

Contact Sensor

This Battery Powered Contact Sensor transmits wirelessly whether a door or window is open or closed. Using a magnetic switch the device senses 2 states: CLOSED, when the magnet makes contact and OPEN, when the magnet breaks contact.

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axxess rcs6 top down


The Axxess RCS6 offers control over a variety of low voltage control function. With 3 contact inputs and 6 dry contact outputs, it was designed with drape and blind control in mind. But the applications are limitless.

With Wireless ZigBee Pro connectivity, it can communicate with the Controller without needing long wire runs.

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The Axxess RCS3 is designed for low voltage control functions.  It comprises 3 contact inputs, 3 dry contact outputs. The RCS3 sports a temperature sensor for more distributed temperature sensing.

Available with terminal blocks, or Power Over Ethernet (POE).

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Multi Function Repeater

The Multi-Function Repeater combines the capabilities of a repeater and router with 3 contact inputs and a temperature sensor.

Available with terminal blocks, or Power Over Ethernet (POE).

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