Plug In Relay

Build a ZigBee network more effectively

Plug In Relay

The Axxess Plug In Relay is used to improve 3-way switching circuits. Our Plug In Relay adds the functionality of switching an additional load which avoids installing a double gang electrical box.

Our Load Control Module (LCM) has 2 relay positions so it can operate 2 Plug In Relays if needed.


Favored Applications Include:

Entry Lighting


Bathroom Fan


Line Voltage Curtain Control

Plug In Relay 12V

100-277VAC 5a(NO) 3A(NC)
30VDC 5A(NO) 3A(NC)

COM: Black(17AWG)
Normally Open (NO): RED (18AWG)
Normally Closed (NC): BLUE (18AWG)

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Black & Red (26AWG)