TrayTracker: Room Service Tray Detection

Efficiently remove old food trays from hotel hallways


Here’s the problem

“Room service trays littered the floor in our hallway for HOURS. It just seems like no one is paying attention anymore.”

“Very disappointed. Dirty room service tray in the hallway for over 14 hours.”

“Room service trays were left out overnight. No need for dirty dishes in the hall. Please pick these up more often”


Our Automatic Solution Detects Trays and Trolleys

A transmitter messages the tray location, a receiver passes the location to the users’ desktop, phone or tablet.


There are 2 Transmitter options:


Tray Transmitter

The tray transmitter is integrated into a menu/promo stand placed on the food tray.
It can be used as a thank-you note or to promote hotel products and services.

Trolley Transmitter

The trolley transmitter is discretely attached to the underside of each room service trolley.



PrivacyService Sign Receiver

Our PrivacyService signs receive the tray signal with a hidden receiver.

Learn more about our PrivacyService (Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems) below.

Learn about Privacy/Service


Real-Time Alerts

Our Trays software provides real-time alerts as trays and trolleys are left in the corridor.

It also lets you view a list of rooms that are receiving tray signals and an elapsed time for each.

Reports can display the average pickup time for trays and trolleys.
These reports can be invaluable for management and training.


TrayTracker Highlights

Enhance your guests’ experience by immediately removing discarded room service trays

Increase staff efficiency by eliminating the need for manual discovery

Real-time Room Service Tray Detection allows for tray/trolley retrieval on the run.

Monitor your staff’s response time with our room service Trays software


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