Motion Sensors: Occupancy for Energy

Powerful motion sensing for energy management, lighting, security & privacy

Motion Sensor Wall Mount

The Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor supports all motion dependent functions, including lighting, security, occupancy detection and energy management. Upon detecting people moving in a space, it communicates that event wirelessly to the Control System.

For additional functionality the Motion Sensor also senses temperature and  ambient light level.
A humidity sensing option is also available.

It mounts simply and easily with a ball-mount that allows the sensor to be aimed wherever needed.

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Motion Sensor Wall Mount with Humidity

With optional humidity sensor, the Wall Mount Motion Sensor allows you to monitor humidity levels inside of your spaces, communicating this information to your control system.


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360° Motion Sensor Flush Mount

The Motion Sensor Ceiling Flush Mount is an unobtrusive and clean looking option for motion sensing.

With a low-profile bezel that is less than 1/8” thick, and a simple mounting system, this device installs in seconds and is easily maintained.

360 degree coverage.

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axxess motion sensor 360 angled


360° Motion Sensor Surface Mount

The Motion Sensor Ceiling Surface Mount stands just 1/2” tall, which includes the mounting bezel.

This entire unit is installed quickly and easily, and can be used for a variety of functions, including occupancy status, security, and energy management.

360 Degree coverage.

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LED Bar With Motion Sensor

The LED Bar with Motion Sensor is a sleek, modern way to add motion-activated lighting to your user experience.

Available in 3 standard lengths and also custom lengths.

Popular applications include below-bed or bedside table for motion-activated night light, bathroom under-cabinet nightlight, closet light, and even kitchen counter work lights.

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