Touch Keypads

Custom Touch Keypads with endless options

Hundreds of layouts at your fingertips

The Axxess Touch Keypads come in hundreds of possible layouts, from a single button to multiple buttons and sliders.

Whether your lighting and control set-up is simple or complex, we can customize our keypads to fit your needs.

Design scenes, such as Morning, Dinner, Movie Time and Night. Retain control over individual lamps.

Include drapes and blinds, and command All Off with a single touch.

Our keypads are backlit for easy button selection. For night time, the keypad can be programmed to have just a faint backlight glimmer, or even be completely off until you touch it.

Your imagination is our command.



axxess industries touch keypads


axxess touch keypads

Beautiful controls to fit your design

Our Keypads are sleek and modern, with laser-etched graphics and LEDs.

They can be installed on their own and simply communicate each user touch to the controller.

Or they can be installed connected to the Axxess Load Control Module for direct load dimming.

Or they can be connected to the Axxess Hospitality Control Module for Electronic DND.


When it comes to sleek, modern design, the Axxess Touch Keypads are the premier control switches available.

Our capacitive touch controls are available in three form factor series:

US 1-gang, US 2-gang, US 3-gang



All the Axxess Touch Keypads can be customized in various colors.


axxess touch keypad euro north american



color touch keypad axxess


Cleaning & Sterilizing

The Axxess Touch Keypads can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe.

Use a non-abrasive, non-creamy, spray cleaner/disinfectant applied to a soft cloth. Use this cloth to gently wipe down the Axxess Touch Keypad.

Don’t spray cleaner directly onto the Touch Keypad.



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