Easily installed doorbell solutions.

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Doorbell Button Wireless

The Axxess Wireless Doorbell Button is beautifully designed to welcome guests at your door. A press of a button wirelessly activates the Axxess Chime Relay, Axxess Plug-in Chime (or other configured device).

ZigBee Pro Compatible
Control4 Driver Downloadable

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Plug-In Chime

The Plug-In Chime is a versatile chime that can be triggered wirelessly via ZigBee PRO mesh network.

It has a powerful ZigBee radio that can communicate with our interface partners, such as Control4.

This device plugs into an ordinary 120-240V 50Hz/60Hz outlet.

Currently, users will have to use a plug adapter for receptacles that cannot fit US style blade plugs.

The housing has two fastening options for the two different styles of outlet wall plates.

ZigBee Pro or Control4 compatible.

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plug-in chime axxess


doorbell button and chime relay

Chime Relay

The Axxess Wireless Chime Relay is a solid state relay that allows wireless remote control of a powered chime with real chime bars providing the most luxurious sound available.

ZigBee PRO or Control4 compatible.

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