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To download drivers Login as a dealer Download drivers Network Button Commands 4 tap 8 tap 13 tap 15 tap Join Network Enter Setup Mode Leave Network Reboot Device Device Network Button Location Report Type Chime Relay hole... View Article

Our devices that measure temperature have a connection for it in Control4 Composer. Bind it to our temperature display driver to show it on the Control4 Navigator. Step by step guide: How To Display Temperature On Control 4 Navigator.pdf Temperature Display... View Article

Our wall plug or POE powered, ZigBee repeater, the ‘Relay & Contact Sensor’ can control up to 3 garage doors. See our step by step guide for detailed instructions on these topics: Physical relay connections to garage controller Viewing garage door open/close... View Article

Motion detection will turn on a light if the room is dimmer than a certain level. That level will be set using a variable so it is easy to change.  Tab ‐ System Design Select device ‐ Motion Sensor Set... View Article