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Control4 Installation Instructions Chime Relay Contact Sensor Doorbell Button Lamp Dimmer Lamp Dimmer – Euro Lamp Dimmer Plus Lamp Dimmer Plus – Euro Motion Sensor Motion Sensor (Humidity) Multi Function Repeater Multi Function Repeater POE RCS3 RCS3 POE RCS6 —... View Article

Chime Relay Contact Sensor Doorbell Button DCM1 DCM4 Lamp Dimmer Lamp Dimmer Plus LCM Motion Sensor Wall Mount Motion Sensor Wall Mount – Humidity Motion Sensor 360 Insert Style Motion Sensor 360 Bezel Multi Function Repeater Multi Function Repeater –... View Article

Download driver: Choose the correct driver to download from the chart below. Some devices have a universal driver that works on all models; for others, download the correct driver based on the device model number (this will be found on... View Article

The main properties that affect battery life are ‘Occupancy Hold Time’, ‘Report Time’, and the ‘Force Transmit’ properties. ‘Occupancy Hold Time’ is the first property you should adjust to increase battery life.  It defaults to a low value so it’s easy to... View Article

Solutions While there are a variety of problems to watch out for with wireless communications, there are relatively few solutions so we’ll start with those. Router / Repeaters – Adding a router/repeater is the most common solution to communication problems. Device... View Article

Wireless communication is the most significant drain on our device’s batteries so if there are problems causing extra communication it can reduce battery life. See Troubleshooting Article – Wireless Communication for more information.

If you are a home automation dealer you can fill out our dealer application form which gives you access to ordering, drivers and support materials. You can find the application here. If you are an end user find your nearest Control4 Dealer and... View Article

To download drivers Login as a dealer Download drivers Network Button Commands 4 tap 8 tap 13 tap 15 tap Join Network Enter Setup Mode Leave Network Reboot Device Device Network Button Location Report Type Chime Relay hole... View Article

Our devices that measure temperature have a connection for it in Control4 Composer. Bind it to our temperature display driver to show it on the Control4 Navigator. Step by step guide: How To Display Temperature On Control 4 Navigator.pdf Temperature Display... View Article

Our wall plug or POE powered, ZigBee repeater, the ‘Relay & Contact Sensor’ can control up to 3 garage doors. See our step by step guide for detailed instructions on these topics: Physical relay connections to garage controller Viewing garage door open/close... View Article

Motion detection will turn on a light if the room is dimmer than a certain level. That level will be set using a variable so it is easy to change.  Tab ‐ System Design Select device ‐ Motion Sensor Set... View Article

Actions Events Connections Used for loading new firmware into device: Options: Stop Firmware Update Start Firmware Update Programmable Events: Motion Detected Motion Ended Battery is Low Battery is CriticalTrigger on Change Events (Variables that can trigger events when they change... View Article