Download Drivers

Chime Relay

Contact Sensor





Doorbell Button

Lamp Dimmer

Lamp Dimmer Plus

LCM (Load Control Module)

LED Driver

Motion Sensors (Wall Mount, 360°)

Multi Function Repeater

Plug-In Chime



Standard Keypad

Download driver:

Choose the correct driver to download from the chart below. Some devices have a universal driver that works on all models; for others, download the correct driver based on the device model number (this will be found on the label on your device and on the device box):

*If you do not see the driver for your device in the list below, please fill out a Contact Us form and our team will get back to you as soon as they can*

How to install Driver:

  1. Save the driver to your desktop, or another desired easy to find location.
  2. Use the Driver tab on the top left of the Composer window to select Add or Update Driver.
  3. Select the downloaded driver .c4i file that you want to add.

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