Amplify your Hotel Housekeeping Efforts with an Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System

What is an Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System?

The Axxess Industries Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System is an intuitive way for guests to request Privacy or Service from housekeeping departments.

Guests can request Privacy or Service from their in-room controls via our Touch Keypads or GRMs. Their selection is then represented by the doorbell button on their hallway room signage, the doorbell will glow red for Privacy, green for Service, or default to white.

Our electronics are seamlessly incorporated into our custom room signs that we manufacture in-house in North America. Every Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System we create can be as simple or as customized as you need.

Watch this quick video to get a better idea of how our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems work:


Highlights of Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems

  • Streamline housekeeping operations
    • by showing staff which guestrooms requested Privacy and which requested Service
    • by allowing housekeeping to press and hold Privacy/Service to initiate a “Room Ready For Inspection” feature
  • Minimize person to person interactions
    • by allowing Housekeeping to check guestroom occupancy by pressing and holding the room sign doorbell button
  • Guestroom controls can be sterilized
    • Spray a non-abrasive, non-creamy cleaner onto a soft cloth and quickly wipe down controls or signage to clean
  • Easily retrofits existing hotels
    • We integrate with a number of 3rd party systems (Control4, Telkonet, Inncom, Lutron, the list goes on…)
  • Effectively communicates when a guest wants privacy or service
    • Allowing the guest to selected Privacy or Service from their in-room controls located by their bed or doorway
  • Our solutions can be as simple or as customized as you need
    • Our baseline Economy System starts under $200/room

Image: Axxess Industries Economy System

Who We’ve Worked With

Axxess Industries has had the pleasure of working with thousands of hotels over the past 20 years, below is just a small sample of where you can find our systems.

“I worked in Loews Miami Beach before and having Axxess made such a difference for not just our guests but our housekeeping department.” – Carlos T.

Image: Sample of Axxess Industries Demo Board

Explore the systems we offer with one of our comprehensive demo boards, you’ll receive a fully functional Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System (signage + guestroom controls) which you can present to your team and test out in-person.

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