MGM Springfield

Axxess Industries had the pleasure of working on an innovative hospitality system for MGM Springfield, MA.

This hotel was part of a larger redevelopment project by MGM which included restorations of local heritage buildings in Springfield, MA, such as the State Armory and the Union House/Chandler Hotel building.

Our client wanted a floor to ceiling entrance panel that would mimic an antique mail chute that integrated lighting and our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System.

Our design team overcame numerous challenges when creating this unique design, such as incorporating adjustability for height variances in the hallways since this system was to be floor to ceiling.

Out of this 256 unit order, there were 4 different height requirements ranging from 8ft – 9.5ft that we had to accommodate for.

The sheer size of each entrance panel brought challenges with machining, finishing, painting, and assembly. Pieces this large need more space and extra care when handling. We installed a CNC controlled paint system to ensure even coating of pieces up to 9.5′ long.

We used an array of different materials to complete this task such as Acrylic (clear, non-glare, black and white), as well as Aluminum sheet and angle bars, and ABS.

Once the order was finished, shipping required custom crates to be made for each of the different sizes to ensure the product arrived in perfect condition.

This project challenged our team to find creative solutions for unique problems and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how this system turned out.

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