360° Motion Sensor

Motion sensing in an unobtrusive package, with or without bezel.

motion sensor 360 ceiling

Sleek, Low-Profile Design

The Axxess 360° Motion Sensor supports all motion dependent functions, including lighting, security, occupancy detection, and energy management.

The Motion Sensor Flush Mount is an unobtrusive and clean looking option for motion sensing.

With a low-profile bezel that is less than 1/8” thick, and a simple mounting system, this device installs in seconds and is easily maintained.

Available in Bezel (left) or Insert Style (right).


Wire powered – low voltage
360-degree motion coverage
Light sensor
Humidity sensing option available

Part of a Smarter Room

This Motion Sensor can be combined with the Axxess Wireless Contact Switch to reliably determine GuestPresence status in a room, vital information for a variety of systems, including energy management and housekeeping.


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Surface Mount Option

The 360° Mount Motions sensor can also be surface mounted via an optional surface mount bezel.