ASID DESIGN IMPACT Award Winner | The Axxess Industries Showpiece System

The innovation behind the Axxess Showpiece System was to encompass our electronics into a sign that is equally practical and visually compelling. The challenge was to create a sign that is comprehensively different than anything available on the market. We accomplished this by choosing a curious fan shape that encourages investigation and draws focus to our doorbell button as it’s the center of our electronic communication.

The sign’s curved edges soften and balance the design as to contrast the sharp, geometric panels. Each geometric shape is aimed to assist the overall design in shifting your focus to the illuminated doorbell button. The room number is intentionally complimented by negative space as to not constrict it with the geometric panels. 

Normally, we collaborate with our clients to help articulate their vision into a sign design that accurately represents their brand and seamlessly blends in to respect the project’s overall design intent. However, with the Axxess Showpiece System, we wanted to convey the complete opposite. We did not want to blend in but allow our ideas to be flexible in shaping an unexpected design that isn’t restrained by common design practices yet is just as efficient.

Accompanying our intriguing sign shape is our personifying light components. When the sign is dormant, it has a dim lit feature which presents itself as an energy-saving, soft glow. However, when someone walks by the sign, the soft glow intensifies, breathing life into the sign and grabbing the attention of the passerby.

The Axxess Industries Showpiece System effortlessly combines modern design concepts with our efficient and easy-to-use electronics. This system includes our PrivacyService which refines Housekeeping operations and seamlessly engages the hotel guest with intuitive in-room controls, compatible for all ages.

At the convenience of a single touch, guests can request privacy or service from hotel staff which is communicated by the custom room sign in the hallway. The sign’s doorbell button will glow red for privacy, green for service or default to white. At a single glance, Housekeeping immediately knows the status of each guest room, increasing operational efficiency. While on default, Housekeeping can simply press and hold the doorbell button to check if a guest room is occupied, avoiding unwanted intrusion. Do-Not-Disturb paper signs have no visual appeal, they are easily lost or damaged and guests rarely use them, while our PrivacyService offers an elevated experience that creates an intriguing in-room environment, increasing use likelihood among guests. 

Along with PrivacyService, this sign is fitted with our TrayTracker solution. This alerts hotel staff when dirty food trays have been left in the hallway which drastically reduces removal time. 

From user experience to installation this system is design for convenience. This solution mounts to a U.S. standard double gang electrical box and includes replaceable parts that offer easy serviceability, increasing system longevity. When producing hundreds or thousands of hotel rooms the time required for updates and install is crucial. At Axxess Industries, we believe in efficient systems that are practical, easy-to-use and visually astounding.

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