TrayTracker Solution Streamlining Room Service Cleanliness

Prior to the pandemic, hotels were reporting a decline in Room Service interest but a recently published Hospitality Upgrade blog predicts a demand increase for Room Service in the post-pandemic world.

An increase in Room Service means an increase in dirty, discarded trays cluttering your hallways.

With travelers paying closer attention to cleanliness than ever before, ensure your hotel has a streamlined process to remove dirty trays to not only avoid mess but reduce the risk of accidental exposure.

Consider the Axxess Industries TrayTracker solution that streamlines the removal of dirty trays.

 TrayTracker: What It Does

TrayTracker: How It Works

A transmitter messages the tray location, a receiver then passes the location to the users’ desktop, phone, or tablet. You have the option of two different transmitter options.

Tray Transmitter
The tray transmitter is integrated into a menu/promo stand placed on the food tray. This can be used as a thank-you note or to promote hotel products and services.

axxess traytracker transmitter tray

Trolley Transmitter
The trolley transmitter is discretely attached to the underside of each room service trolley.

axxess traytracker trolley transmitter

PrivacyService Sign Receiver
Our PrivacyService signs receive the tray signal with a hidden receiver.

axxess industries privacy service signage wood

Real-Time Alerts
Our Trays software provides real-time alerts to your desktop, mobile or tablet as trays and trolleys are left in the corridor.

It also lets you view a list of rooms that are receiving tray signals and an elapsed time for each. Reports can easily display the average pickup time for trays and trolleys being invaluable for management and training.

traytracker trays software dashboard axxess industries

TrayTracker: Highlights Recap

  • Enhance your guest experience by immediately removing discarded room service trays
  • Minimize accidental tray contact with more efficient removal
  • Increase staff efficiency by eliminating the need for manual discovery
  • Real-time Room Service tray detection allows for tray/trolley retrieval on the run.
  • Monitor your staff’s response time with our room service Trays software

Consider electronics that will not only provide immediate benefit to your hotel but will continue to improve operations for years to come.

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