Our DCM3 mini is so tiny that you will think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Go ahead make a scene. Be Tiny but significant. Our DCM3 Mini is so tiny you will think your eyes are playing tricks on you but this is no April fools gag.  Our LED Light Bar with Motion Sensor is a flexible lighting system with exciting features. It can control RGB lighting or tune White lighting to just the warmth required in the scene, by the time of day, or by user preference. Most exciting is that the controller is miniaturized and can be installed easily into a LED Light strip of your choosing and can be integrated into wireless lighting automation.

This non-intrusive design makes it ideal to be hidden away in places where regular bulky systems cannot be installed. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as under a vanity or a cabinet to light workspaces, bedside nightstands, in a wardrobe, lighted steps, and even as security lighting. Let your imagination take shape with the many design ideas possibilities.

LED lighting can be activated by the built-in motion sensor or by a program command. It can be incorporated into scenes, overriding the motion. The LED lighting is dimmable and Lighting Controls adjust for everything from:

  • RGB lights
  • CCT ‘Adjustable White’ – from warm, natural to cool, allowing you to change the mood
  • Program for circadian Rhythm.

One superior feature is the small size of the controller, only 2.4”L) x .72(W) x .55” (H) allowing it to be inserted into the same Aluminum Profile with an LED strip. Just connect 12VDC or 24VDC power input. What makes this product stand out from regular Led Light Bars? It’s a miniature but powerful automation control that can be easily integrated into a hotel automation system.

We aren’t joking around with wanting to work with you to achieve all your LED Lighting ideas, talk to us today.