Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems improving housekeeping operations and new hotel cleanliness initiatives

Many hoteliers have been looking into new products such as sprays, dispensers, and technology to ensure their hotel is meeting new cleanliness standards protecting both hotel staff and guests during their stay.

If you’ve been looking into similar products, why not consider electronics that will not only improve your cleanliness today but streamline your hotel operations for years to come?

The Axxess Industries Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems include a number of features that improve housekeeping efficiency and aid staff in meeting their new cleanliness standards.

Highlights of Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems:

  • Streamline housekeeping operations
  • Minimize person to person interactions
  • Guestroom controls can be sterilized
  • Room Ready (for inspection) feature
  • Easily retrofits existing hotels
  • Effectively communicates when a guest wants privacy
  • Made in North America

Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems offer guests a seamless way to request Privacy or Service from housekeeping. Guests can set their guestroom status by selecting Privacy or Service from their in-room controls. Their Privacy/Service selection is then displayed by a colored LED doorbell button on their hallway room signage.

This allows housekeeping to immediately see which rooms require service and which prefer not to be disturbed. Housekeeping can press and hold the doorbell button to check if a guestroom is empty before entering, avoiding housekeeping intrusion and unnecessary person to person interactions.

After a room has been cleaned, housekeeping can press and hold the Privacy and Service buttons, simultaneously, to initiate a Room Ready (for inspection) or “Disinfected” guestroom status. This status is represented on the hallway sign by a continuously blinking doorbell button.

service signage

The Axxess Networked Do-Not-Disturb System offers an additional cloud-based Dashboard where designated staff can see the guestroom Privacy/Service status from their desktop or mobile device.

Front Desk staff can also use this Dashboard to set the guestroom status to Service after a guest checks out, alerting housekeeping that this guestroom needs attending to. After the room has been cleaned, housekeeping can set the Room Ready status which will also be displayed on the Dashboard.

Our Hospitality Systems can be as simple or as customized as your project requires.

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