Improve Hotel Housekeeping Operations in 2020

Streamlining hotel operations while improving the guest experience is one of the many challenges that Hoteliers face. How can we leave a lasting impression with our guests and increase staff efficiency? We all know a good review is the best advertisement on the market! That’s why for the past 20 years Axxess Industries has worked closely with hotels both large and small to tailor our electronic systems to improve hospitality operations.

Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb & Doorbell Systems offer guests a seamless way to communicate their wishes to hotel staff. At the convenience of a single touch guests can request Privacy or Service from Housekeeping departments. While at a glance, staff can immediately know what rooms need to be made up and what rooms shouldn’t be disturbed.

Our systems are incorporated into our custom room number signs allowing each room to offer a seamless experience. In-room touch keypads communicate with our signs to illuminate the doorbell button notifying staff if Privacy or Service has been requested.

The doorbell button will glow red if the guest has requested Privacy, alerting staff that this room is not to be disturbed and to ensure the tranquility of the guest, the doorbell chimes will not ring on the Privacy setting. 

If the guest has requested Service, the doorbell button will glow green alerting staff that this room needs attention and can be cleaned. Not only is this more convenient for the guest, this makes Housekeeping departments more efficient in allocating time to the rooms that need attention.

If neither Privacy or Service has been selected the doorbell button will default to white. When on default, Housekeeping can simply press and hold the doorbell button to see if there is a guest in the room or if it’s good to clean. Our system prevents unsavory moments between staff members and guests by adding an extra layer of electronic protection. Don’t ruin great family moments with loud knocking or worse, housekeeping intrusion. (Learn more about our Guest Presence System)

Visitors need only press the doorbell button to engage our chimes that will pleasantly announce their arrival. Easily heard throughout the room, even if the guest is in the shower they will be able to hear that a visitor has arrived.

Our systems are designed with convenience in mind and our intuitive controls elevate the guest experience and have proven to receive great reviews. Our electronics easily retrofit into existing hotels which makes them a great addition to any hotel renovation. Browse our complete Hospitality PDF to see what our Smart Hotel Systems can do for you.

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