Maximize the Return on your Hotel Renovations by installing PrivacyService in your Guestrooms!

Renovations both large and small are important milestones in the lifetime of a hotel.

Eventually, a location needs to improve the experience it’s delivering to keep up with the ever-changing needs of its guests. Hoteliers have to make tough decisions on what best improves their location while staying on budget. This is no easy task! Especially since making the right decision is essential to the future success of their hotel.

Hoteliers need to be confident that the changes they’re investing in are ones that offer the most value for their location. This is why so many properties have put their trust in our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb and Doorbell Systems for their renovations.

The Value of PrivacyService

Blinking Green, the Guestroom is Clean!

Additionally, our systems also offer a Room Sanitized setting. Once housekeeping has cleaned a guestroom, they can initiate a Room Sanitized setting that initiates the doorbell button on the hallway signage to blink green.

This delivers a strong first impression as guests walk down your hallways being able to visibly see all the rooms that are clean. This builds trust between guests and your location, reassuring them that your cleanliness protocols are being carried out.

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Yes, Installation is really That Easy!

Our systems are specifically made to be easy to install which makes them ideal for retrofitting existing hotels.

The most common type of installation is substituting our Privacy/Service switch for the light switch at the entry. For that type of install, our Privacy/Service switch comes with a 3rd button that can turn the Entry Light on and off. (We can even include a 4th button as a Master switch).

The only wire that needs to be run is a Cat5 harness straight through the wall to the hallway to control the Electronic Do-Not-Disturb and doorbell, which is most often integrated into the room number sign. (This is an example of a typical install, but we can work with any layout).

Not only are these systems easy to install but we play nice with others, integrating with a large number of third-party systems making retrofits as easy as possible. (We integrate with Control4, Crestron, Telkonet, and many more!).

All of our systems are made in-house, in North America, so we can keep a closer eye on quality control and deadlines.

You can be confident that your Axxess representative has their finger on the pulse of what stage your system is at and that you’re receiving the quality of systems we’re known for.

Contact us for more details and to discuss your particular layout!

Practical and Affordable!

Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems start under $200/room, allowing our systems to be accessible to a broader range of hotels.

Request our Hospitality PDF to Discover all the Benefits our Systems have to Offer!