Axxess Hospitality Systems aren’t just electronics, they’re experiences.

The Axxess Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems and Guest Room Controls aren’t just electronics, they deliver seamless automation that assists each and every guest experience.


Imagine you’re staying at a hotel for work and you’re just waking up.

You can hear the coffee bubbling and brewing, rubbing the sleep from your eyes you turn to your bedside table to use the Axxess Touch Controls. You slide your finger across its interface, opening the drapes to welcome the starting sunrise.

With a yawn you stretch yourself out of bed, as your feet touch the floor, a soft, illuminated glow appears under the bed and bedside table. Giving you enough light to avoid stepping on those shoes you carelessly left by the bed.

As you walk to the washroom you see last night’s food getting stale on the desk. You quickly pop the food tray into the hall before jumping into the shower.

Combing your hair you make your way back to the bedside keypad to select SERVICE. Knowing you’ll be gone for a few hours, it would be nice to return to fresh towels and a made up room.

Pouring coffee into your travel mug, you tighten the lid and head out the door, noticing the food tray you put out is already gone.

business trip



Imagine you’re staying at a hotel with your family.

Your kids lay sleeping in the bed next to you as your fighting back yawns. Your fingers click ferociously across your keyboard, finishing your last email. Click. Sent.

Closing your laptop, you stand up from the desk to be welcomed by a soft light coming from under the beds, illuminating the toy scattered floor. Tip-toeing over to your bag, you tuck your laptop away and start crawling into bed. Pulling the covers around you, you reflect on the day.

Your plane had been delayed, causing you to check-in much later than had been expected making it an extremely long day for everyone. You reach over to plug your phone in, the screen lights up and you see 2:00 am glaring back at you. Setting your phone down you select PRIVACY from the bedside Axxess Touch Controls, thinking you and your family could both do with a bit more rest.

With that accomplished, you lay your head down and fall asleep.



Imagine you’re a general manager at a hotel.

You know that in the world of hotels, good service and unique experiences come parallel to none.

You’re proud of your establishment and constantly motivate your team to deliver premium guest service 7 days a week. Using the Axxess Cloud Dashboard you can see the status of every guest room, your team monitors which require service and bypass PRIVACY selected rooms, saving time and money. Not only that, you have an auto-alert set so staff will be notified if PRIVACY has been left on longer than 48 hours, increasing hotel security.

Each guest room has been fitted with motion-activated lighting that offers guests a room that wakes up when they do. Automated blinds and in-room touch controls only add to the convenience and interest of your guest room experience. Outside the guest room, staff is alerted when old food trays have been placed in the hall and they can check whether a minibar has been opened without entering the room.

Like a well-oiled machine, your staff and electronics work hand in hand to deliver an excellent guest experience to each and every person that walks through your lobby.

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