Do-Not-Disturb Systems Are Improving Hotel Security For 2020 & Beyond

In the Hospitality Industry, Do-Not-Disturb hanger signs are quickly being replaced by their Electronic Do-Not-Disturb counterparts and it’s not hard to see why.

The Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems improve Housekeeping Departments and add convenience to the overall guest experience. Not only are these systems good for refining hotel operations, they’re starting to break into (pun intended) the hotel security market.

In 2018, Hilton Hotels updated their Do-Not-Disturb Policies stating that staff members should alert hotel security if a Do-Not-Disturb sign has been on a door longer than 24 consecutive hours.

Hilton wasn’t the only major company to rethink their Do-Not-Disturb procedures, Walt Disney World Hotels and Wynn Resorts weren’t far behind. Wynn Resorts lowered their time span so that any room with Privacy on for longer than 12 consecutive hours will be checked by hotel staff. With the safety of hotel guests being so paramount, it’s not surprising that hotel companies are continuing to update their Do-Not-Disturb policies as we move into 2020.

How can Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems help with this movement?

The Axxess Electronic Do-Not-Disturb & Doorbell Systems have an automatic alert that notifies staff if the Privacy status of a room has been left on for longer than a set period of time (24 hours, 12 hours, etc). This removes the guesswork of staff “having to notice” that a room has been on Do-Not-Disturb for more than the allotted time.

Not only do these systems remove the guesswork, they save time for Housekeeping and Hotel Security.

The auto alert can immediately go to Hotel Security (or other hotel staff) notifying them that a room needs to be checked while our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems improve the efficiency of Housekeeping departments by giving them a fast and easy way to know the status of each hotel room. At a glance, Housekeeping can see which rooms are set to Do-Not-Disturb, which rooms require Service and which are on default.

Along with improving hotel operations and security, our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb systems are cost effective. Axxess offers 4 different Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System Packages so our solutions can be utilized by hotels at all price points. Adding to their convenience, each Do-Not-Disturb package can be customized if any of our clients require additional functionality.

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Soon, Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems are going to be as common as having a television in your hotel room!

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