Designers are Drooling over the Color Power of the DCM5

The Axxess Industries DCM5 has designers drooling over the color capabilities that this device offers.

Delivering more color and color temperature dimming capabilities than ever before, the DCM5 has built-in logic to control RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT, and CCT1+CCT2 as needed. It can dim CCT1 + CCT2, WW and CW LED loads from 0 to 100% duty cycle, with a maximum output power of 200 watts per channel depending on the voltage.

This compact 5-channel, low side, LED controller is designed to be interfaced with power supplies ranging from 12-24VDC, delivering seamless flicker-free dimming capabilities.

The specs of this device are impressive, but the results are astounding. Below are just a few of the ways designers are incorporating this device to elevate their hospitality spaces.

hotel lobby purple

Enchant your Guests with Beautiful Experiences

Add breathtaking visuals by incorporating colored lighting into your designs. Broaden the capabilities of lobbies and common areas or add mood lighting to guestrooms to deliver a unique experience that guests will want to talk about.

Colored lighting allows you more flexibility in design for special events and holidays, allowing you to change the tone of the room by seamlessly blending from one color to the next.

hotel lighting small

Not Only Beautiful but Practical

Program your spaces to use bright, cool-toned light during the day and slowly fade to warmer-toned, dim lighting in the evening. Transform your areas from productive to relaxing by mimicking the daylight and delivering a more natural lighting experience.

warm toned guestroom

Add Interest to Every Space

Use colored lighting to highlight areas that lack interest or bring dimension to flat spaces. Colored lighting is great for accenting stairways, recessed wall lighting, or showcasing decor.

green staircase axxess dcm5

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