Building Green Cities one Home and Hotel at a time

Smart Homes and Hotels are more sustainable and better for the environment

The way we build property now and into the future will need to adapt accordingly to reduce our environmental impact. Smart Home & Hotel automation products can make your life easier in many ways, but the most notable is the fact that they can save significant amounts of money in energy bills while reducing our carbon impact in the process.

Intelligent Lighting Systems

An Intelligent Lighting System is one that only illuminates the areas of the property that require it. The problem with traditional lighting products is that the user is responsible to physically switch each room’s fixtures on and off as they need them. Forgetting to turn off a light when you leave a room is costly and wastes energy.

The two main types of sensors are occupancy and vacancy detectors, which perform a similar function but in slightly different ways. An occupancy sensor recognizes when someone enters and leaves the room, and switches on and off accordingly. A vacancy sensor will also turn off when motion is no longer detected, but the light will need to be switched on manually when the occupant enters the room.

Automated Window Treatments

Smart Window Treatment systems allow you to keep your house cool during the summer and make it warmer in the winter. Automated timers or sensors reduce the load on your HVAC unit, for example, by closing the window blinds or shades during the warmest part of the day. In the winter months, it can aid your heating by letting the sun in during the day, and shutting the blinds again as the sun sets to keep the heat inside.

How can I create a green smart home or hotel?

For new building projects, making a home and hotel smart and energy efficient is a relatively straightforward task, as the property can be designed and wired with the required technology in mind in the planning stages. Retrofitting for Hotels is now a very common practice to take advantage of energy and cost savings. If a hotel is being renovated it is the best time to add the Axxess Systems because it is as easy as installing a light switch!

Once built, data can be collated and displayed on the user interface system so the user can easily track how much energy each smart device in the home or hotel is using and adjust accordingly. Good for our wallets and for the world at large – what’s not to like?

This Earth Day, let Axxess Industries assist you on your next energy-conserving project with Intelligent Lighting Systems and Automated Window Treatments. Together we can take climate action and provide a sustainable alternative to building products for the Smart Homes and Hotels in your Green Cities.



Axxess Industries – Client Showcase

Huntley – Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Post-Covid and with the Hotel Industries strategy to go green and reduce their environmental footprint, you can expect to see more opportunities for genuine and meaningful ways to connect with and support the destinations where the world chooses to stay. Axxess Industries would like to shine this month’s Sustainable projects showcase on Huntley – Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

Huntley – Santa Monica Beach Hotel is a design-conscious hotel with gorgeous 209 oversized rooms and suites overlooking the beautiful Santa Monica oceanfront. Under the creative vision of Thomas Schoos, the hotel underwent a massive refresh in 2017, and the result is interiors that are artistic and contemporary. Thomas Schoos was awarded the Hospitality Design Awards for their artistic and modern urban vision with this hotel masterpiece. Not only does this hotel possess breathtaking interiors, stunning beach views but it is also in line with Earth Day’s Green Cities initiative and the Santa Monica Office of Sustainability.

The Huntley – Santa Monica Beach Hotel’s forward-thinking and desire for Hotel energy conservation took going Green seriously when they installed Axxess products such as the Intelligent Lighting System and Motion Sensors to control lights to go dark when no one is in the room.

They have been inspirational with their desire to make their guests stay more comfortable and we hope we assisted them in our modest way when they installed a state-of-the-art Axxess – Do Not Disturb System. They also have strict Covid Protocols that are further enhanced by our Privacy Service System so that housekeeping staff can indicate when each room has been cleaned and sanitized giving peace of mind to their guests.

We are proud to have Huntley Santa Monica Beach Hotel as our client and feel truly blessed to be a small part of assisting in making their environmental footprint less impact on our shared World.

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