Build Trust with your Hotel Guests by Reassuring them of Hotel Sanitization

Beyond Privacy/Service functionality, hotels around the world are using the Axxess Room Sanitized feature on our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems to build trust with their guests. Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems clearly communicate when a guestroom has been cleaned by displaying a blinking doorbell button on the custom room signage.

This alert is easily seen by any guest passing by, reassuring them of the cleanliness protocols the hotel is implementing.

Our hospitality clients love this additional feature that our systems bring to their location. A quick pamphlet or mention at check-in that “Blinking Green, The Room Is Clean” notifies your guests of this cleanliness functionality.

Talk About a Great First Impression!

Hotels are using this functionality to deliver a strong first impression as guests walk through their hallways, being able to see all the rooms that are sanitized. This builds trust between the guests and hotel that cleanliness standards are being met.

axxess industries blue signage

Easy to Use, Easy to Install

After cleaning a guestroom, housekeeping can simply press and hold the Privacy and Service buttons, simultaneously, to initiate this Room Sanitized feature.

All of our solutions are made to be easy to install making them perfect for retrofitting existing hotels.

The most common type of installation is substituting our Privacy/Service switch for the light switch at the entry. For that type of install, our Privacy/Service switch comes with a 3rd button that can turn the Entry Light on and off. (We can even include a 4th button as a Master switch).

The only wire that needs to be run is a Cat5 harness straight through the wall to the hallway to control the Electronic Do-Not-Disturb and doorbell, which is most often integrated into the room number sign. (This is an example of a typical install, but we can work with any layout).

Not only are these systems easy to install but we play nice with others, integrating with a large number of third-party systems making retrofits as easy as possible.

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