Automation is so cool its Spooky

Is your Hotel sensing a presence? Well, our occupancy sensor definitely is but don’t be alarmed. Not only can our system sense guest occupancy it can automatically close the drapes and shut the lights off. Our automation system is so cool it’s Spooky.

Internet of Things (loT), isn’t as thing-ish as it sounds. It actually allows for wireless connectivity, adjustable environmental settings, and the ability to enjoy a greater degree of automated hotel solutions.

Smart technology really isn’t that scary but it does ensure that your guests will be able to customize their personal preferences and enjoy all that the hotel has to offer. Smart devices have the ability to automatically dim lighting when a guest leaves the room or to set a thermostat to a lower setting during overnight hours. This Halloween you can get into a full spectrum of Led Lighting with adjustable automation settings controlled by a sleek Touch Keypad.

Tie that in with the Axxess cloud dashboard offers cost-effective and energy-saving automated processes that are as simple as using a phone, tablet, or computer.

For some really spooky ideas automation is the way to go this Halloween! Let us show you some of the fun options we have available.