This Mother’s Day make your customer’s home a little brighter

Home Automation By Axxess

The ability to create a home filled with warm and inviting elements is one of the superpowers mom possesses. This Mother’s day show your clients how to surprise mom with some simple home improvements to her domain. We have Mother’s day gift ideas for your clients that will light up their day.

The Axxess LED Light Bar with Motion Sensor serves the need for motion-controlled lighting. It can be deployed for a variety of uses, such as under a vanity or bedside nightstand, under a cabinet to light workspaces, in a wardrobe, on lighted steps, or as security lighting. The LED lighting is dimmable. Give your clients new ideas on how to surprise their mom with a lasting gift that she will appreciate and will brighten her day every day.

Take a look at how LED’s can brighten up your client’s Mother’s day.