Light Dimming Controls help your clients set the mood this Valentine’s Day

Home Automation By Axxess

Choose Full-spectrum lighting for a great way to enhance the home décor and set the mood for a romantic night this Valentine’s Day. LED Color and Color Temperature Dimmer Controls can assist in setting the home for any application. LEDs are a great choice for adding colors or subtlety to a room. Our LED Automation Systems can provide a subtle glow to the underside of worktops, wall-mount units, or for practical applications for wardrobe lighting or cabinets. Consider creative home lighting applications including stair treads, handrails that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

When you spend time and effort on designing a room, on selecting the right shade of paint and fabric, why compromise with your light color? It is hard to beat the impressive power of vibrant LED lights in general. Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs offer longer-lasting light and more energy efficiency, switching over to greener bulbs is a great way to save on the electrical bill. This type of lighting offers thousands of hours of burn time.

We have Lighting Controls for everything from:

  • Solid colors; red, blue, and whites from warm, natural to cool.
  • RGB & RGBW, i.e., colour changing.
  • CCT ‘Adjustable White’ – allowing you to change the mood of a room from warm to cool white.
  • Smart Lighting Controls for adjustable white LED Strip

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Home Energy Saving Tip 2. – Close your blinds when the weather is cold and use LED Lighting to illuminate your home.