Smart Hotel Privacy for Valentine’s Day

February is often taken as synonymous with the month of love.

Valentine’s Day and all month is the time to come together and consider each other’s comfort. Pamper and take care of your guests this Valentine’s Day. What makes a guest love their romantic holiday and staying at a hotel?  A few simple ways to make Valentine’s day memorable for your guest is when you equip rooms with Smart technology that makes it easy to adjust LED lighting and set the hotel door signage to Do-not-disturb with a push of a button.  Staff like our Do-not-disturb systems because they know by the light indicator on the door panel if the guest has requested service or privacy. It is the simple things that bring guests back year after year. Smart Hotel Privacy for Valentine’s Day is achievable with these Automated products.

Privacy for Valentine’s Day could be the most romantic thing you can give guests this month!

Amenities go a long way to making the guests stay impressive and memorable. Smart Hotel products are designed to be bold and imaginative. Smart technology and hotel automation let project managers and designers open up to new technology-driven products. Our Lighting and automation systems integrate with all your favorite brands. We play nice with other technology the hotel is probably already using. Indulge in these little details now, set them up for the guest’s arrival. Watch romance vacationers fall in love with staying at your hotel year after year.

We take Smart Hotel Privacy seriously check out some of these Hotel Automation products:

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See what one of our newest clients The Yotel DC is doing this Valentine’s Day. Watch for Axxess Industry Products in the rooms!