Gain valuable insights from your desk, phone or tablet

Cloud-Based Hotel Management

AxxessDashboard makes it easy to manage your guest request from a powerful cloud-based platform.
Use it on Desktops, smart phones and tablets, wherever you are.

AxxessDashboard integrates seamlessly with our PrivacyService and GuestPresence systems to help hoteliers manage and monitor their room status and ensure guest privacy. Staff can be managed more efficiently, and guest service requests can be dealt with as quickly as they appear.


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How It Works

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb

See at a glance if your guest has set the room “Privacy” when they do not want to be disturbed, or “Housekeeping” when they want the room made up. Additionally, your staff can set the room status to “Housekeeping” from reception upon guest check-out.

In addtiona to PrivacyService status, Axxess Dashboard Provides insight into GuestPresence, TrayTracker, Minibar Opened and Room Ready (for inspection) status.  Performance metrics are available that measure staff’s response to Make-up-Room requests and TrayTracker notification. Managing maintenance and other required room entries are greatly aided by the GuestPresence status feature enabling your staff to plan tasks accordingly.


Smarter Hotel Management

Robust Analytics

The success of your hotel is found in the details. All the details.

AxxessDashboard can capture data from Axxess ZigBee-networked devices and presents the information in bright, simple, easy-to-read charts.Track and analyze response times, optimize task management and use the available information to make changes on the fly.


Request our free Hospitality PDF to learn more about our systems

Free Hospitality PDF
  • Provides essential information to all departments
  • Housekeeping knows at a glance which rooms can be made up, and which rooms are ready for QC inspection
  • Reports on room status by floor allow for efficient staff dispatch
  • Front desk staff can initiate housekeeping on check-out (alerting housekeepers the room can be made up)
  • Maintenance staff can check on Do Not Disturb status before going to a room for maintenance
  • In Room Dining can check for Do Not Disturb status and call ahead
  • In Room Dining can also see trays/trolleys sitting the hallway and ready for pick-up
  • Management can use built-in reports to evaluate staff performance, for training and efficiency
  • All transactions are user ID’d and time and date stamped