Top 6 Hospitality Trends for 2024

It’s almost the holidays! With the ever-changing landscape of hospitality, keeping up with trends is a must. As the year comes to a close, check out these top trends expected to rule 2024 in the hospitality world.




It’s no surprise that sustainability efforts continue to grow, and are expected to remain center stage in 2024. Customers are supporting businesses that align with their beliefs and commitments. It’s been found that nine out of ten consumers look for sustainable options when traveling. The effects are already in motion – green initiatives have taken the world by storm. Examples include banning single-use products, using sustainably sourced goods, and reducing energy use. Sustainable efforts can be incorporated into a wide variety of operations, such as towel-reuse programs and waste reduction initiatives. Consider energy-efficient lighting and climate control, too. Start green initiatives and show your guests how they can participate to leave a positive impact on the planet and your guests.




Hybrid trip. Workcation. Bleisure. Maybe even mullet trip — Whatever you want to call it, this trend sees a spike in travelers mixing business and pleasure on their travels, especially with the rise of WFH. Traditionally, guests tack a few extra days to the end of a business trip to make the most of their travel. With the popularity of remote work, however, travelers are simply bringing work with them during the week. Many hotels are already adjusting to accommodate the volume of working guests. These guests look for high speed wi-fi, extra plug sockets, and social workspaces. This trend gives new life to lobby spaces, prompting renovations in workspaces and cafes.


The wellness tourism industry is expected to grow over 20%. Guests are placing more value on health-centric amenities, for both physical and mental wellbeing. Guests consider the whole experience of the hotel as a means for improving health. There is also an emphasis on relaxation and escapism. Sales of wellness-inspired packages, such as yoga retreats, are expected to nearly reach pre-pandemic level. Many guests look for ways to address their health during their visits, such as improving sleep or eating healthy. Consider your room service menu, gym and pool space, spa services, and more.



Local Experience

Between social media hype and self-fulfillment, today’s travelers are seeking unique experiences that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Consumers are making efforts to travel with purpose. There is a stronger desire than ever to experience cultural immersion, going deeper than visiting tourist hotspots. Travelers are seeking authentic connections and experiences special to their destination. Hotels can leverage this intention in a number of ways. Blending features of local culture into amenities can create a memorable experience for guests and set you apart from competitors. Feature local artwork and cuisine to offer an immersive experience. Finally, support small, local businesses as a supplier for kitchen, cafe, or toiletry goods to leave a lasting impression while supporting your neighbors. This trend is certainly one to watch. It’s suggested that “offering local experiences isn’t just a trend; it’s the future of travel.”



Contactless Technology

Fueled by the COVID era, contactless technology is approaching the jump from trend to norm. While swapping to contactless tech can be daunting, it holds a number of benefits for both guests and operators. Mobile orders, contactless pay, online check-in, and other practices provide guests freedom and safety while simultaneously streamlining operations. Guests already consider contactless technology as necessary. Oracle and Skift found that 71% of guests are more likely to stay in hotels that offer self-service technology; and Deloitte showed that 60% of guests are more likely to stay at a hotel with contactless check-in and mobile room keys.



Personalized and Digitized Experiences

On top of looking for contactless and convenient technology, guests also look forward to unique and innovative tech. In-room tablets and entertainment are the first place most guests look. Simple gestures like personalized messages on TVs after check-in give guests a sense of importance. Consider data-driven and AI-assisted suggestions, such as offering massage services to guests who frequent the spa. This gives your guest a good impression when they receive helpful suggestions while also upselling your spa services. Guests enjoy high tech treats like automatic curtains and customizable lights, too. Consumers are highly excited to see how technology can improve the world of hospitality.

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