This Easter hop to more efficient ways to keep your Hotel clean

Hop to more efficient ways to keep your Hotel clean. Did you get the chance to watch the Podcast about Del Ross’ experience on the topic of Hospitality effectiveness? It talked about the Post-Covid housekeeping model and how technology plays a role. This is something our company is actively developing products for Watch the Podcast here. We were excited to see that the industry is seeing the benefits that technology plays in improving Hotel efficiency.

Hospitality effectiveness is a major topic, and we have your Hotel covered. Axxess Industries manufactures automation products for Smart Hotels. Our Do-not-disturb hallway signage system can be networked to the front desk and it alerts the staff when a guest has requested Privacy or service to the room. Our product streamlines productivity and staff efficiency. We manufacture our products for hotels internationally and throughout North America, we already have many systems in place with well-known brands.

Axxess Industries designs and builds electronics for the Smart hotel automation market. The two main goals of our products are comfort and energy efficiency, this fits with the LEED Green building system. Not only is efficiency a huge topic for Hoteliers, but green initiatives are also taking a center stage. These are some of the products we offer:

Get the latest technology to make your hotel more efficient