Your Guide to IoT in Hospitality

IoT (Internet of Things) is a term that has been used more and more over the last few years. But what does it really mean? Let’s talk about what IoT really is, and how it is here to change the Hospitality world.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things” might make you think of futuristic tech like the self-lacing shoes of Back to the Future. But really, IoT technology is well-developed in the present. IoT refers to a network of physical objects (the “things”) that collect and share data with the use of sensors, software, and connectivity. The “things” that are included in IoT are any device that can connect and create a network with others. These days, that’s just about every device. Cellphones, smart watches, and cars… Even lamps, washing machines, and coffee makers. Devices work together to build a network that collects data and utilizes it for a futuristic experience.

Smart home technology examples can help you understand IoT. Imagine if your alarm clock would wake you up at 7am, and notify your coffee machine to start brewing as soon as you turn off the alarm. Or if your climate control system knew to turn the heat up as you arrive home. Your devices like Alexa, Ring doorbell camera, ecobee thermostat, and Samsung kitchen appliances all work together to create an intelligent network. Your devices communicate with you and with each other to control lights, thermostat, locks, and even your shopping list.

So what about IoT in Hospitality?

IoT has many possible applications in the hospitality world. Similar to smart home tech, it can elevate guest rooms through control systems that adjust lighting, climate, and curtains. Guests also enjoy mobile check-in and room keys. Smart sensors can determine when rooms have been left empty, or when room service trays have been placed into the hall for staff to pick up. Smart lighting and climate control can save energy when rooms are unoccupied. Data can also be sent to a centralized dashboard system, which staff can access to see a quick overview of all rooms. Altogether, you can gather data such as which rooms are occupied, where minibars need to be restocked, and even which guests have a do-not-disturb status on.

Benefits of IoT in Hospitality

There are many immediate benefits of IoT in Hospitality. For guests, they receive an improved stay. Seamless services, personalized experiences, and unique novelties leave a lasting impression on your guests. For your staff, IoT systems can improve efficiency. Guest occupancy sensors can tell your staff which rooms are empty to be serviced; or tray tracking services can let them know when and where hallways need to be tidied up. IoT can make your staff’s job easier, leading to a happier and healthier workplace. IoT also helps reduce wasted resources, products, and energy. You can save energy by automatically turning down the lights and thermostat when rooms are empty. Knowing which minibars need to be restocked and which rooms need housekeeping help you save resources and labor efforts.

Risks and Drawbacks

It is important to be aware of possible risks involved with IoT before implementing it. Security and privacy risks increase with the use of a digital network. You may also run into interoperability issues – using devices from multiple brands can be difficult or even impossible in some situations. Additionally, IoT networks can be costly to implement.

IoT is growing in all industries. There are some risks to be aware of, but there are also many benefits to implementing IoT in hospitality spaces. Give your property a boost with a connected IoT system!

Axxess Smart Guestroom Controls help you connect your guestrooms and unlock your hotel’s potential. Featuring our patented Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system, our controls give your guests the most immersive experience. Guests can control lights, blinds, and the thermostat in their room with ease. Your staff can see everything at a glance with HotDash, a cloud-based dashboard that summarizes data from all connected rooms.  The system is compatible with other integrators to make installation easy. Contact our sales team to learn more.


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