Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems Improving Housekeeping Efforts

Axxess Industries has spent the past 20 years being a valued supplier of hotels, resorts, and casinos worldwide.

Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems elevate the guest experience, streamline housekeeping operations, and have helped hotel staff meet their new cleanliness standards.

Our solutions won’t just benefit your hotel immediately, they’ll continue to add value to your hotel once the industry has recovered.

“I worked in Loews Miami Beach before and having Axxess made such a difference for not just our guests but our housekeeping department.” – Carlos T.

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System – Economy (starting under $200/room)

How Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems are improving hotel cleanliness

Hotels have also found our Room Ready feature to be beneficial.

After a room has been cleaned, housekeeping can press and hold the Privacy and Service buttons, simultaneously, to initiate a Room Ready (for inspection) or “Disinfected” guestroom status.

This status is represented on the hallway sign by a continuously blinking doorbell button.

Highlights of Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems

  • Streamline housekeeping operations
  • Minimize person to person interactions
  • Guestroom controls can be sterilized
  • Room Ready (for inspection) feature 
  • Easily retrofits existing hotels
    • We integrate with a large variety of 3rd party systems
  • Effectively communicates when a guest wants privacy or service
  • Made in North America

Our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb Systems can be as simple or as customized as you need.

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