5 Eco-Friendly Practices for Hotels this Earth Day

This year, Earth Day is April 22, 2023.

The Earth Day organization has described the 2023 theme as Invest In Our Planet – engaging governments, institutions, businesses, and citizens to do their part. To achieve progress, all of us need to “act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably)”. Sustainable solutions lead to benefits for the environment and businesses alike. We no longer have to choose between environmentally-friendly practices and long-term profits, thanks to innovation and action from many leaders and businesses. Now, having an eco-friendly hotel can bring higher profitability, stronger financial performance, and happier employees and customers.

With Axxess Industries, you can make steps towards sustainability for Earth Day. Here are 5 ways your hotel can be eco-friendly, all while reducing your costs.


1. Go Paperless

The average hotel is estimated to generate one cubic yard of waste per room each month. The first place to cut down your operations’ waste is paper and paper products. Internally, many hotels still use physical copies in their back offices to manage operations. Move to a digital, cloud-based system (like the one offered by Microsoft) to reduce paper usage without sacrificing usability.

On the customer-facing front, check-in/check-out paperwork handed to guests, in-room menus and guides, and paper door hangers are just some of the culprits of mass paper use. Digitizing these processes can reduce paper waste, impress guests, and streamline operations – all while cutting costs.

Allowing guests to check in on personal devices provides freedom and comfort, while also reducing physical paperwork and labor needed at the front desk. In-room tablets eliminate the need for printed menus and guides that inevitably get soiled and need replacing.

Replace paper door hangers with an Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system like Axxess PrivacyService. Pairing a doorbell in the hallway with a keypad inside the room, guests can set their room status to request housekeeping or privacy. The room status is then displayed in the hallway via an LED on the doorbell. Instead of fiddling with a paper door hanger, a simple button press inside the room reflects the guest’s wishes into the hallway. Simple and easy!

With the Axxess PrivacyService Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system, never print another door hanger again.


2. Minimize Energy Waste

There are some things we can’t go without. Lighting and climate control are perfect examples. While you can’t completely eliminate energy use, you can eliminate energy waste. Smart climate control and lighting systems are taking the industry by storm to reduce unnecessary energy usage. But with the unpredictable occupancy of hotel spaces, minimizing energy waste can be a complicated game. Guests sometimes keep lights and A/C on when they leave the room, or sunlight can bring up the temperature during the day. Multiply these effects by the number of rooms in your property – that’s a lot of energy and money wasted!

Enter GuestPresence by Axxess. This intelligent service uses contact and motion sensors to detect whether or not a room is occupied. Paired with a smart lighting control system, lights can automatically be turned off after a room is empty for a certain period of time. Save energy and money in one step! Integrate with a smart thermostat and our drape & blind controls to sense temperature changes and act accordingly. If an unoccupied room is warming up from a sunny day, automatically close the blinds and keep the room cool.

Guests love returning to a comfortable temperature, and the innovative technology of automatic blinds.


3. Reduce Resource Waste

When we talk about sustainable solutions, we usually think about recycling and turning off lights. But reducing resource use is another great way to reduce your footprint. It’s one thing to use eco-friendly products and habits, but we can go a step further by making an effort to use fewer of these products in daily operations. Daily room cleaning, replenishing soaps and towels, even the time staff takes to walk down the hall and knock on each door to ask if guests wish to have their room serviced. Each of these practices can become a wasteful habit over time.

With the Axxess PrivacyService Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system, guests will tell you directly when they wish to have their room serviced. Hotel staff can access a cloud-based dashboard to get a quick overview of which rooms request housekeeping. No need to enter rooms that do not request it – no wasted supplies, labor, or time!


4. Buy Quality

On top of waste and garbage from guests, hotels dispose of large amounts of products that are no longer up to standard for business. Think linens, furniture, lighting, and electronics. When buying new products, consider buying higher quality. These products will last longer in your operations and require fewer replacement, therefore reducing waste that usually goes straight to landfills.

Axxess systems are built to last, and produced from environmentally friendly materials. Instead of purchasing low quality or using disposable/single use items, try our customizable Electronic Do-Not-Disturb and Keypads for impressive quality and long-lasting solutions.


5. Get Your Guests Involved

Nine in 10 consumers actively seek out sustainable options when traveling. By having visible practices to support the eco-movement, you not only communicate your commitment to helping our planet; you also invite each of your guests to participate along with you.

Allowing guests to choose eco-friendly options throughout their stay will lead to happier customers, happier staff, and a happier planet. Include choices to reduce paper usage, request housekeeping only when required, turn off all the lights when they leave their room, and more. Guests will notice and appreciate these options. If every guest makes an earth-conscious choice during their stay, those results add up over time, leading to a big impact for our planet, and more savings for you!


The time to act for our planet is now. We can all work together to make conscious choices for our planet. Each and every one of us can participate, whether it’s by our personal habits or our choices for our business. Axxess Industries is dedicated to finding eco-friendly solutions and helping hoteliers make green choices. Contact us to discuss solutions for your property.

Let’s all Invest In Our Planet. Find out more about Earth Day here.

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