Current Hotel Trends Your Guests Actually Care About

New trends, new technology, new methods… It can be hard to keep up! With the fast-paced changes happening in the hospitality industry, it can be tricky to know which “viral trends” have true value for your hotel. Keep reading to see REAL customer reviews that show you what customers really want when they stay at your hotel.

Safety and Security

Guests seek comfort and peace of mind when traveling. Safety, security, and privacy are among the top values guests look out for when they arrive at a hotel. Implementing security measures that reassure guests of building security, providing safes for guests to use when out of their rooms, and ensuring all guests have access to a do-not-disturb system are great ways to help guests feel safe.

5/5 “I appreciated that the elevator made you use a key card to access the floor you were staying on, and that the rooms had electronic buttons for do not disturb, housekeeping, and even a door bell.” – Katie, Google Reviews

1/5 ” On the first day there, my do not disturb door hanger was removed and did not return. I generally do not ask for maid service… I was told that even if you post a do not disturb sign they will be entering your room anyway…” – Dave, Google Reviews


Smart Hotel Technology

One of the trends taking the hospitality industry (and the whole world) by storm is smart technology, featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). From automated chatbots to mobile check-in to room controls, guests are gaining interest in the integration of technology into the regular hospitality experience. As an added bonus, many IoT products also offer a benefit to hotel operations. For example, a smart thermostat and automatic blinds can wow guests, while also participating as a basic energy management system by sensing when a room is empty and lowering the climate control settings accordingly.

5/5 “Loved the automatic shades and the buttons for housekeeping/do not disturb.” – Miranda, Google Reviews

5/5 “Really hi-tech hotel. Everything is controlled with buttons including blinds and the ‘do not disturb’ sign.” – Ajay, Google Reviews



Perhaps the greatest trend of 2023, sustainability efforts are among the most important movies for any business to make this year. Up to 81% of travelers in a 2021 study claimed they intend on consciously choosing a sustainable accommodation option the next time they travel. Many hotels are already making decisions to utilize more eco-friendly products and reduce single-use plastic. Go a step further by also choosing sustainable and long-lasting furniture and electronics for your hotel.

4/5 “The hotel is decorated with plants and natural materials. They strive to be more eco friendly and I appreciate that.” – B., Google Reviews

5/5 “I want to commend this hotel for taking it to the next eco friendly level. Recycling and compost bins – I couldn’t believe how we filled them up every day. Not a hundred little plastic bottles of bathroom amenities, but fully stocked eco earth soaps and shampoos. But the coup de grace was the electric heated bidet.” – Ash, TripAdvisor


Cleanliness and Hygiene

Although considered a basic value of hospitality, the need for cleanliness and hygiene has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted travel. Guests and hotel management alike place more emphasis on sanitized rooms and common areas. Ensuring cleanliness in ALL parts of a hotel is essential to reassure your guests and employees.

5/5 “The room was beautiful and spacious; spotless – there was a daily cleaning service.” – Rovadia, TripAdvisor

3/5 “One thing that struck me… Food trays left in the hall. After people finish their reoom service meals, they put the tray out in the hall… In this case, there was a tray out when I chcked in, and it was still there late next morning. And there were several throughout the day.” – Chase, TripAdvisor


Comfort and Luxury Experience

Finally, guarantee your guests a stay with standout comfort and luxury experiences. Customers take note of amenities and experiences which go above and beyond the common hotel stay. From extra plush bedding to easy streaming from their favorite services, invest in making a lasting impact on your guests.


Bring it all together to leave your guests feeling refreshed after their stay and get you glowing reviews like these:

5/5 “Stayed one night, left feeling invigorated as though vacationed week long. Rooms exceptionally clean, bed and pillows feel like you’re floating in clouds. Linens have thick rich fluffiness. Newest technology in room with control lighting consisting of different colors for various moods, and bed is adjustable! Coffee amenities on each floor. Fresh, clean smell. Did not want to leave.” – C., Google Reviews

4/5 “Beautiful hotel, amazing state of the art rooms… The cabinets were stocked with pretty much anything you’d need in a kitchen. Loved the hidden cabinets on the walls. Bath robes were provided. A nice big safe as well. The doorbell was great, you can also turn it off to red to avoid being disturbed. 2 flat screen TV’s in the room. Comfy bed with goose down comforter… The bathroom was lovely and spacious.” – Angelea, Google Reviews


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