Hospitality Interior Design: Signage Lookbook

Combine seamless technology with beautiful design with PrivacyService by Axxess Industries, featuring custom-made signage. Keep scrolling to see our current signage lookbook featuring just a few signage examples, and to learn more about the PrivacyService system.

Custom-Made Signage Lookbook



How does it work?

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb (DND) is a simple way for guests to communicate their wish for privacy or housekeeping to staff. Guests use a touch keypad installed inside the room, and their status is reflected in the hallway. An LED indicator is included in the hallway panel, lit red for Do-Not-Disturb or green for Service. Say goodbye to flimsy doorhangers with this high-tech solution. Combine Electronic DND with our custom Room Number Signs for a perfect, all-in-one solution. All aspects of the design, from materials to layout to LED color choice, are specifically chosen for your project. From signs small to large, wood to acrylic, with backlighting or no lights at all – we have truly done it all, and are excited to help with whatever else you can dream up.

Plus, introduce our Guestroom Controls for a truly futuristic and memorable guest experience.


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About Axxess

Axxess Industries specializes in custom-made intuitive technology for Smart Guestrooms. Bringing benefits for both the guest experience and operational efficiency, Axxess systems are designed with guests and staff in mind. Our patented Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System gives guests the comfort of privacy, while our Custom Room Controls create a high tech environment inside each guestroom. Everything at Axxess Industries is custom-made in-house in Western Canada.